Moon Images from the NavSpaSur CW-Radar System

TX 216.970 MHz Gila River, 33.1019 N 112.0186 W (DM33xc), fan beam azimuth 83.9
TX 216.980 MHz Lake Kickapoo, 33.5461 N 98.7628 W (EM03on), fan beam azimuth 91.4
TX 216.990 MHz Jordan Lake, 32.6503 N 86.2494 W (EM62vp), fan beam azimuth 98.1

RX DF6NM 49.4375 N -11.125 E (JN59nk)

Dual polarized receiver:

Crossed dipoles and preamplifiers (NF = 5 dB, improved to 1 dB since Jan 16), feeding a phase-coherent dual-channel receiver (normally employed in the LF colour direction finder project). On Feb. 9, the dipoles were replaced by a 4-element X-Yagi having 8.5 dBi gain.

Some measurement results:

Left: Combined image from Lake Kickapoo reflections received on Oct 22 and Jan 9, 11, and 12, 2006 (north is up). Incoherent averaging of the four geometrically corrected and aligned spectrograms was used to reduce speckle. Right: Full moon in visible light (Mar 15, 2006).

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- Here is a time table of NavSpaSur Moon transits.
- For more information about the NavSpaSur system and its EME reception, see PE1ITR's excellent page.

This page was updated 2006 Mar 15.